The Effects of High Temperature on Epoxy


I repaired that red coffee mug, I told her
the handle broke off when I slammed it down
Now it is perfectly usable, just not
the first one you would take off the shelf

Fumes may irritate the eyes and lungs
keep away from small children
not large children, though –
they are on their own

I suspect adhesives were the second thing
we invented, after the wheel.
Because the wheel always, always broke

Let’s put this back together again, I said
after she slammed into me and revealed she had a special friend
There are perhaps one hundred and forty three common
household adhesives;  some are very specific as to purpose

The ceramic coffee cup required epoxy
very strong and reliable, it will soften at temperatures
above 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but that is well above the
temperature of hot coffee drunk alone.

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