All Known Cases of Correlations Between an Entangled Pair


I don’t think our properties can be known at the same time
The question makes no sense, we have shared ourselves for so long
but we are always in complementary states.

I am right handed, you are left-handed.  It’s not a coincidence.
If we are oceans apart, if you turn left, I will turn right instantly.
Even if that distance is the diameter of the Universe,
I will know where you left your car keys, as long as mine are not missing.

It is important to understand the difference:
opposite versus complementary
We send messages without sending anything at all
No laws are broken, and the neighbors draw their shades

Love is a splendid byproduct, a silent conspirator to all this
and has existed from the start, when we met for the first time
and didn’t like each other;  we both knew we would try again.

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