The Murmuration





Nascent, oblate,

The consanguineous cloud-stippling thickens in synergy

Wind dilates a cohesive and disparate funneling feather-vessel

Separate from the dimensional dry corn fields and horizontal sea

Not born from any structure, wings

Polish our far, strict angles with

Magnificent diffusion


The liquid belly schools urges and swells, a pulse that quickens

Before a pattern piercing talon-wrought risk

The fast resolve of the center conveys lobes freshly regenerated

And sharp, ambiguous edges cutting through a space of air purchased with evasion

Stitching through myriad small lives racing from figured catastrophe


Or is it the fluid flourishing of pure Grace, a throbbing massless amoeba proteus

An instant of astute pattern shuttering to make a shape

Insouciant of hawk-blown cavities, filling effortlessly and merging

To an esplanade of dimensionless careering space, a breathing exultation


She soars to an end suffused, projected with joy and a startling union

To be one gravity and rest near the river, near soft plashing

Trembling women homebound from a revelation




©2017  Donald W. Hayward

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