Around in Circles is my first collection of poems.  It deals with things that are circular, cyclical, and round.  It was published by TurkeyFoot Press in 2002.

Warning to Mariners is the second collection of poems, published in 2011.  At the time I was restoring a thirty-six foot mahogany trawler.  Warning to Mariners is a notation used in nautical charts to show hazards to navigation.

(Parenthetical) is the third collection of poems, published in 2017.  I like poems that say things parenthetically (with or without parentheses).

Phenolic is my fourth book, May, 2018.  It is a motley gang of poems more or less inspired by Neolithic cave paintings, and other things.

The Beguiled  –  A collection of algorithmic laments.

Machine Attributes  –  A collection of gears.


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