Donald Warren Hayward was born in 1952 as the United States detonated the world’s first Hydrogen bomb.

He lives in Ohio, near a river, and has a dog that barks at potatoes.

He has four published collections of poetry, available on AmazonAround in Circles, Warning to Mariners, (Parenthetical) and Phenolic.

His first collection of poetry, Around in Circles, published in 2002, is on the Amazon Best Sellers list and has sold more than 8 copies worldwide.

He often writes under the pseudonym eolon, and his work has appeared in Eclectica Magazine (www.eclectica.org), and To Life! Occasions of Praise, King’s Estate Press.

Mr. Hayward is a retired Senior Research Scientist with over 25 U.S. and foreign patents.  He has twice been a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year.   He has been a working guitarist for over 30 years.

He operates Hardway Vintage Electronics from the Fortress of Solitude, and enjoys working with electrons.

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