A Fourier Transform Amongst Subjective Lives


The conclusion is
that attitude and altitude
make our thinking rise from all the rounding errors

I can impute my way through the tortuous path of time
convert mere electrons with algorithms like
powerful drugs to reveal their symbiotic frequencies.

There are so many thoughts, you only see one at a time
but I can remember all of them, and I see
peaks of harmony at millions of cycles

I tell people that everything can be described
by some combination of frequency of action
mathematically, if not empirically.

The smell of hay bales in a sheep barn
The way mists collect around waterfalls
The way you laugh when I kiss you above your shoulder.

They find it useless if they cannot return
to confront  their abusers, to drown the
infant Hitler in his tiny bath.

But that is not Science or Fiction;
you are just plotting against time.
And what does that solve?

I was not calculating the mere frequency of hindsight
or prescience – I was transforming one to another.
– Or they metamorphosed, and I observed.

Look, it’s not the same thing:

being cold in the pit of Winter,
or frozen at a spectacular altitude in Summer.

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