Farther Beneath Quantum Foam


I am almost 13 years old.  I once asked Derik Wilson how he could talk forwards in the Spirit World, or BackwardsLand as I called it when I was a kid.  This was his answer:  “Because I am really, really, smart”.

So, this is the story of Derik Wilson, and how I got stuff explained to me.

The Complicated Doughnuts

Ok, so we are little kids, and we are in BackwardsLand again, and it is complicated like you wouldn’t believe, until Derik tells about the Doughnuts.  Wait.

First, I should tell you about BackwardsLand.  You can call it the Spirit World if you want to, but Derik and I always called it BackwardsLand.  It’s physics.  Well, physics is part of it.  Physics might call BackwardsLand “Beneath Quantum Foam”, for some reason.

In BackwardsLand time runs backwards, sort of, and it sort of runs forward at the same time.  Because it runs backwards, and if you are paying attention, you always know what is going to happen next.  Derik explained it like this:  Someone enters the room carrying an empty plate.  The people in the room take turns un-eating doughnuts – taking doughnut pieces out of their mouths, assembling the pieces into doughnuts, and placing them on the plate.  Then the person with the plate full of doughnuts walks backwards out of the room.  Now, you are in the room too, but you know you didn’t take a doughnut, so you don’t put one on the plate.  The whole thing doesn’t involve you.

Without exception, everyone on Earth might see the Doughnut Event, but they think it has nothing to do with them – they don’t remember taking a doughnut, so they are sure that they won’t be putting one back.

Anyhow, small children spend a lot of time in BackwardsLand, for some reason, and Derik and I were no exception.  We knew stuff was happening backwards, because of the things we did.  Like when everybody wanted to go to the Little Store and shoplift candy.  I knew I wasn’t going to shoplift candy, because I didn’t have any candy.  See?

BackwardsLand isn’t a very apt name for it, because as I mentioned, it is possible to talk and walk in a regular forwards way without difficulty.  When Derik said he was really, really, smart, he meant that he had figured out that almost nothing in the World involved him, so he was Outside.


Physics might say that in a very restricted sense it is possible to be outside the Universe.  If the Universe were a doughnut, which it kind of is, you can’t go Outside the doughnut except in one specific place – a single dimensionless point, actually, and it is in the center of the doughnut hole.  You can’t be Outside anywhere else, because there is no there there.   Physics also might say that Outside is a single point and has no degrees of freedom, meaning you can’t move in any direction.  You are stuck in the exact middle of the doughnut.

The doughnut Universe is whizzing through space and time, and the doughnut hole goes right along with it.  And so does the Outside.  Only in a funny way.  The Outside has no degrees of freedom, remember, so it can’t move.  To get around this, the Whizzing Doughnut makes a copy of Outside and puts it where the Universe will be next.  It does this time and again and pretty soon it is evident that the Universe is leaving a trail of Outsides that form a line through space (and time).  Because Outside is a singularity, a dimensionless point, the line formed by the Universe has an infinite number of Outsides associated with it; more than enough for every person on Earth, and every person who has ever lived, and every person who will ever live, to have one all to themselves – and as a matter of fact, they do.  (Associated is a good word to use here;  the points sort of follow the Universe around, but they are not of the Universe.)

Anyhow, the line of Outsides is looping and curving through space, and we can see that line as the exact place where the Universe isn’t.  This is important because given enough time, and the Universe has plenty of time (in fact it has all of it), the line of Outsides will have been everywhere.  This is like giving a room full of monkeys with typewriters enough time to type out the collected works of Shakespeare.  It would eventually happen.

Some people, and mostly small children, can be Outside and yet get along in the World just fine.  They instinctually know what is happening because they can see the line of Outsides shooting off into the past and how they fit into it.  The future has infinite possibilities, of course, because who knows where that next Outside is going.  That’s why we called it BackwardsLand.  Going back in time is possible;  going forward in time is just uselessly and infinitely complicated.  Don’t go there.

Being Outside is simply being exactly at the center of the Universe at an exact, defined point in time and space.  It happens.  Staying Outside is difficult, because Physics.  And Time.

The Universe Screen Saver

As the Universe doughnut hole describes a line through space-time, the doughnut itself also describes a shape, and that shape is an infinitely long cylinder or tunnel, snaking around with the line of Outsides right in the middle, like a really cool screen saver.  When Science Fiction describes a Wormhole, they might be talking about a short section of this trail of the Universe.  If you enter the exact middle of the Universe tunnel, you can end up at any of an infinite number of Outsides of a particular Universe.  Now because the Universe doughnut hole has been/will be everywhere, that means wormholes are everywhere, at every point in space.

Using the Typewriter Monkey analogy, and taking it to its logical conclusion, any point in any/every Universe will also be occupied by the Outside point of any/every Universe, at some point in time.

So why can’t all those other points be experienced by Human beings?  – Because we are slaves to time, and we can’t un-stick from our personal time, so we have no perception of all the other points, whether Real or Outside, because they exist is some other time, maybe 2 years or 2 billion years removed from us.  Except.  The Outside, remember, is a dimensionless point and exists outside of time.  If a Human being were in that Outside point, they could experience any/all of the other Outsides, from the beginning of Time to the End of Time.  But how to get there…

You can’t drive a spaceship into the Outside because a spaceship is part of Universe, and can’t ever leave.  It’s The Law.  But a human mind can go there.  I’ll show you;  it’s not too hard.

Infinite Subtlety

During meditation, the human mind tries to achieve more and more subtle levels of thought.  Meditators try to not think about anything.  It’s kind of difficult, as you can imagine, because humans have lots of thoughts whizzing around in their heads, and it’s a huge challenge to think about nothing.  With practice, one gets brief Moments of Nothing, and eventually can string those Moments along to form extended periods of Nothing.

Physicists also try to get to more and more subtle levels of things.  They describe particles of matter, and then molecules, and then atoms, and then sub-atomic particles of matter, and then Quantum Foam, which is energy and/or matter that is unfixed in Space and Time, and then, eventually, they describe the Nothing that is between / under everything.  Here’s the thing Derik Wilson taught me:  the human mind’s Nothing and the physical world’s Nothing are the same thing. (Or the same Nothing).  And here’s the kicker – the Nothing is the same thing as the Outside we have been talking about.

In dreams, there are no physics.  Okay, maybe there is dream physics, but it’s kind of Outside of our Universe, and dreams are often outside of physics.  That’s because when humans fall asleep they are thinking about nothing – and that is Outside, and we dream, and dreams are the thin line that goes everywhere in the middle of the travelling Universe.  See?


Gravity is everywhere, and there is nowhere that is without the effects of gravity.  Except, of course, if we are talking about Outside the Universe.  Then there is no gravity.

Gravity is the last to leave.  As we try to peer into the Quantum Foam, we see less and less of gravity as we get to more and more subtle levels of peering, until gravity finally is gone, and we have Nothing.

This is important because of the fields.  Electromagnetic fields, like Gravity, travel at the speed of light.  When a thing travels at the speed of light time stops.  That’s a Law.  When time stops, you can be everywhere at once.  Look at it another way – if you can be everywhere at once, then time has stopped.  Or, time does not exist.  That’s what is going on when you are Outside the Universe;  Time does not exist.  You can be everywhere at once.

Children, Again

So, Derik Wilson.  I met him in a dream and he said he was really, really smart.  He explained at length why universes are the way they are, and why he seemed to be able to know what was going to happen before it happened.

As I tried to explain through the doughnut analogy, you have to Outside in order to see everything at once.  Babies are born Outside because they think that none of this involves them.  As children get older, they learn more and more about things and spend less and less time Outside the Universe.

The Peter Pan myth comes to mind – here was a boy who refused to grow up, and could visit a special place called NeverLand whenever he felt like it.  Grown-ups had no idea how to go to Neverland, and even some children had to be shown the way.

Alternate Realities

People accept the idea of alternate realities, that there are an infinite number of Universes and the Universe we live in is constantly diverging onto different timelines.  Given the implied complexity, it is no wonder that time travel is thought to be impossible.  Except.  The Outside of the universe, any universe, stays exactly the same.

The Outside is a dimensionless point, remember, and has zero degrees of freedom.  It can’t move, or change, or diverge.  There are an infinite number of Outside points, but they are all exact copies of the source Universe at one point in time.  So, if a person were occupying the same point as the Outside the Universe Point, they would be in a dimension where time doesn’t matter, that would allow them to experience all the universes, all the divergences, and all of space and time.  Excellent.




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