The Daphne Blue Chords


An old relic of mine is Daphne Blue,
The #98c6c3 Hex Color which was
only available on the 1958 Cadillac

Faded, scratched and gouged, my
guitar is the naiad Daphne herself;
a minor thing, transformed by a prayer
to a Laurel tree to frustrate a lover

She didn’t want  his attention
She wouldn’t ever allow Gypsy scales.
Fingers fly frustrated over smooth wood
I remember songs of the young river
But she can’t reproduce those curves

What gods conspired to end the unrequited
love of a beautiful pursuit?

Daphne laureola, the wood laurel,
is never used to make musical instruments.

I will never know the Dorian mode or the Lydian,
and she will always be in the minor Pentatonic,
Faded, facile and comfortable
Blue as my Cadillac naiad guitar.


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