A Single Waterproof Match


You came to see me
When I was broken
And I thought that
I would die

You had met someone
You seemed so happy
While he waited
in the car

That was the last time
I ever saw you
But I always saw you

I’ll tell you something
I never told you
When you were letting
Go the thread

If I come back here
I’ll do it different
I won’t just let the
clouds go by

I’ll be a campfire
You’ll want to sit by
I’ll set a match to
Fallen leaves

I’ll get up early
And do the dishes
I’ll pick our clothes up
Off the floor

You’ll put your head down
To hear my breathing
Recall my voice
From far away

I haven’t seen you
For fifty years now
And yet I still
Recall the lights

But it’s not matches
Far from the river
In your eyes.

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