Draw an arc on that crinkly paper you have
Don’t encompass all the sharp outside edges,
just those that haven’t yet been dulled by your presence
Use a very dark pencil and

this is important: don’t make it perfect

Place it flat in the Sun
The days and the wind will form it into a ball
and some bees will think it is a hornet’s nest, and fly away
and some birds will fly over it again and again
and some mice will want it for bedding material, but will
always avoid the areas with charcoal on it.

Someday there will be the merest ghost charcoal arc on the sandy ground that
no one will ever see or notice, even should they look for it, for some reason.

Later, many men with pickaxes and hammers will break rocks
near where your paper used to be
The will swear at the noon Sun and keep working, anyway.
They will not know you, and you will never know them.

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