Sad Letter to my Cosmos

My Dear Universe:

First, know that I love you.  I always have, and of course I always will.

I am leaving you for another.

I know you saw us stretching into a wonderful future, filled with joy and bliss and adventures and new experiences; all shared with me, all with me.

I am so sad that I can’t see that anymore.  Perhaps I never saw that very clearly, perhaps that is why I am leaving.  I am so sorry.  I am sorry for breaking your heart.

It is not intentional, it just happened,  You knew I would say this.  I know I cannot influence you.  I think you knew I would precede you in this one thing.  You are infinitely bright, infinitely intelligent, but this is only another page you are turning in a once friendly and interesting volume – one of the myriad that you have read.  We, all of us, dread coming to that last page.  Sometimes it is at the end of the book, sometimes it is much sooner.

I am not very adept at expressing these emotions, the turmoil, the pain, the grinding torture of so many dead ends. I cannot continue this way;  it is unbearable for me.

I need you to understand.

Your beauty is undeniable – everyone sees it, knows it, feels it, even at a great distance.  When they can’t feel it they will imagine it, and they just know it is wonderful.  You will certainly endure without me;  I am easily dismissed.  Trust me.

In my most poignant and sweet outcome, my brief history might be a thin, dusty volume tucked away far from the entrance, no longer glanced at, but still in residence, pleased enough to reside until the dim Library is finally dismantled.  I would be happy enough with that.

All my Love Forever,


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